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Decluttering your home fast!

A cluttered home implies a few things, and none of them are positive in the eyes of a potential buyer:

  • The house is too small.
  • There must not be enough storage in the house.
  • The rooms look unkempt. Maybe the rest of the house has been poorly maintained.

A potential buyer should be able to tour your house and easily imagine their own furniture and possessions in the space. A cluttered atmosphere stymies their imagination and creates an immediate negative impression in their minds.

One of the reasons realtors suggest that you remove personal items like family photographs is for that exact reason. The buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in the rooms they're checking out. If anything, there should be less "stuff" around than you might be comfortable with. Tidy rooms that aren't overcrowded...

4 Tips on How to find a mortgage lender in Omaha

You have spent the last 10 years saving up for the deposit on your dream house. After finally finding what you believe to be the perfect property in a prime location you are now bogged down with the task of finding a mortgage lender in your area. Without the excess funds needed for the cost of the house, finding a mortgage lender is imperative to extend you the credit required to purchase your new home.  

Before seeking out financing elsewhere, it is always good to first contact your financial institution and weigh their mortgage options. This should be your initial search for a lender. If your financial institution is not able to provide you with an ideal finance option for your mortgage needs then you may continue to look further. It is good to shop around to compare the rates and fees each bank charges. 

There are large national...

Increase Your Home's Value With a Home Improvements

Everybody naturally wants to get the best price possible when thinking about selling their home; but just the fact that it is your home can make you think it's worth more than it actually is. Keeping it well-maintained is a good idea and when updating it's important to weigh your return on investment. In other words, knowing which home improvement projects are going to give you the best return on investment is important. Here's a breakdown of the best home improvements:

1. Bathroom Remodel

For every dollar you spend spiffing up your bathroom, you'll get back all the money you put in, plus 2% for a 102% rate of return. Simple fixes include repainting, re-caulking the tub, removing and replacing old shower...

Four ways for a beginner to invest in real estate

It's easy to get caught up on all of the glamorous house-flipping and renovation shows on the cable channels. The shows always portray things as incredibly easy, and it seems like the investors always earn a profit. This is not always the case in real life. Fortunately, there are many ways to invest in real estate. If you're just getting started you may want to consider some of the following options.

1. A REIT, or real estate investment trust. The corporation or trust that manages the REIT uses investors' money to buy and manage properties. This is a great way to invest in commercial properties or apartment buildings -- the kind of properties that are usually out of reach for a beginning investor. Plus, the REIT already has a management team in place so you don't have to do all of the hard work yourself. REITs are ideal for stock market investors...

How to Save Your Home From Foreclosure

One out of every 200 homes will be foreclosed upon, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. Foreclosure is a traumatic experience that no family should have to experience. It contributes to depression and marital problems, and causes distress among family members. Many homeowners report they even avoided their lenders out of embarrassment during financial struggles. You may not be able to prevent job loss, but there are some things you can do to save your home from foreclosure.

  1.  Call the lender. Let them know that you are having financial trouble before you miss a payment. There are ways they can work with you to avoid foreclosure. They don't want to own your home, but they need you to help yourself so they can help you.
  2. Check your terms to see if you have any coverage for your situation. For example, the Home Affordable...

What to Ask When Looking At Potential Homes

Buying a home takes a lot of work. There's the budgeting, the finding a realtor, the searching and the getting of the loan. Not to mention figuring out if the home needs renovations, or how much it's going to cost to actually move in. Sometimes it seems as though the to-do list involved just never ends and the last thing you want is for something unexpected to pop up once you're in your new home.

Ask before you buy. Don't let surprises ruin the joy of owning a home, whether it's your first, second, third or even tenth. Here are five usually forgotten things to ask when you're looking at potential homes.

  1. What are the taxes involved? If you've done your budgeting, than you know how much you can spend on a house payment every month. Don't, however, forget about the taxes on the land. Be sure to ask, as every house has a different tax...

Enjoy a Meal Downtown

As you're unpacking boxes and arranging furniture, hunger is likely to strike. Since you might not have your refrigerator or pantry stocked full of food quite yet, we thought we would recommend a few great restaurants in Omaha.

Spaghetti Works Restaurant - Located in the center of Old Market, this restaurant offers diners a unique dining experience as it's housed inside a restored warehouse. Its menu offers something for just about everyone with choices such as Cajun Shrimp Alfredo, Eggplant Parmesan, and Lasagna.  This is a place everyone can find something to eat. 

Block 16 - Block 16 is known for its farm to table street food. The owners met in Metropolitan Community College's...

How to Sell Your Home in a Slow Market

A slow real estate market does not mean your home can't sell quickly. It just means that one needs a different approach. In a booming market, one can list almost any home, in almost any condition, and sell their home quickly, sometimes with multiple offers to choose from. When the market slows and affordability becomes an issue, being informed and strategic is key.

Here is our quick guide on how to sell your home in a slow market.

Repairs: One must prepare their home for market so take time for the little, quick and inexpensive reparis.  If potential buyers see little repairs that have been neglected most likely they are thinking what big repairs need to be done. Consider getting a home inspection before putting your house up for sale. You may find, even if there are no leaks, the roof is at the end of its lifespan. Have your...

What to Do if a Buyer Has to Sell His/Her Home First?

Are you looking to sell your home? If so, there's a good chance that many of your prospective buyers will actually be in the process of trying to sell their own homes before purchasing a new one; it's just the way the market works. So, just how do you work with a potential buyer who is still waiting to sell his or her own home? We've got a couple tips.

Working With a Contingency Clause

If you receive an offer from a buyer who claims he or she needs to sell an existing home before finalizing a sale on your home, make sure you have what's known as a "contingency clause" in writing. This clause essentially states that any accepted offer is contingent on your buyer selling his or her home and closing within X number of days.

Consider Adding a "Kick-Out" Clause aka "Right of First Refusal"

If you're worried about...

Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Whether you want to sell your property or you want to buy property. According to the National Association of Realtors, between 82% and 89% of people achieve their real estate goals by working with an agent. The Omaha Area Board of Realtors has a 20 page roster of members. Some of those pages have more than 200 names on them. So how do you choose? How do you make sure you are hiring the agent who is right for you?

The detailed questions depend on whether you are selling or buying, and the sort of property you want to sell or buy. Like all professionals, real estate agents specialize. Some are residential specialists, some mainly work on commercial real estate, and some focus on raw land. On top of that, some work mainly with sellers, some with buyers, and some work successfully with both. Real estate is such a broad subject that knowing what questions to ask will help you choose the...