4 Questions to Ask Your Landscaper Before They Dig In

If you’re planning on designing a new garden, patio or outdoor living space in the future, you’re likely going to work with a landscaper. Aside from the cost of the project, there are some important conversations you should have with your landscaper before they break ground. Here are four questions to start with.

Can I see examples of your work? It’s an error to assume someone will get your design ideas without seeing past examples of their work. They likely have a stack of examples, so all you have to do is ask.

How long will the process take? Make sure to have a clear time window (dates are preferable) so you know how long your landscaper expects the job to take. This will also help hold them accountable should the project run longer.

When will the plants reach maturity, and what will that look like? In all likelihood, some of the plants your landscaper is putting in aren’t at full maturity. Should you expect fully matured plants in one year? Three years? Five years? And what will the plants look like then?

How much maintenance will the space require? If you’re not a gardening buff, it’s important to let your landscaper know this, especially if you plan to do all of the upkeep yourself. This way, they can help design a low-maintenance space if that’s what you require.

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